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Cares for Clothes, Saves Energy

AI Ecobubble Technology


  • Deeper Clean, Lower Temperature: AI Ecobubble generates a mountain of soft, active bubbles that penetrate deep into fabrics, even in cold water. This thorough cleaning action removes a whopping 24% more dirt compared to traditional washing methods, leaving your clothes impeccably clean and fresh.

  • Energy Savings Champion: Forget about skyrocketing electricity bills! AI Ecobubble significantly reduces energy consumption by up to 70%. By using cooler water and optimizing washing cycles, this innovative feature helps you save money without compromising on cleaning performance.

  • Gentle Fabric Care: Worried about your delicate garments getting damaged in the wash? AI Ecobubble comes to the rescue! The gentle, low-friction bubbles effectively clean your clothes while minimizing fabric wear and tear. You can expect your favorite clothes to last longer and look their best, wash after wash, with 45.5% better fabric care.

  • Smarter Washing Every Time: AI Ecobubble takes the guesswork out of laundry. This intelligent system automatically detects the type of fabric in your load and adjusts the amount of bubbles, washing time, temperature, and spin speed for optimal cleaning results. So, you can trust AI Ecobubble to deliver the perfect wash for all your laundry needs, from delicates to heavily soiled items.


Samsung 11KG Front Load Washing Machine WW11CGC04DAB

Original price was: KSh 135,990.00.Current price is: KSh 110,142.00.

Samsung 11KG Front Load Washing Machine WW11CGC04DAB Features and Specifications

  • 11kg washing capacity
  • Led panel display
  • Smart wifi embedded
  • Smart things app support
  • Eco bubble technology
  • Child lock
  • Dit motor
  • Swirl drum type
  • Spin speed 1400 rpm
  • 15 minute quick wash
  • Carved black door
  • Black body colournet
  • Dimension (w x h x d) 600 x 850 x 600 mm

Samsung 11KG AI Control Front Load Washing Machine WW11CG604DLB Features and Specifications

• 11KG Washing Capacity
• AI Control panel display
• Smart WIFI Embedded
• Smart Things App Support
• Bubble Technology
• Child lock
• Dit Motor
• Swirl + Drum Type
• Spin speed 1400RPM
• 15 Minute quick wash
• Carved black door + Silver decor
• Black caviar body color
• Net dimensions(W X H X D)
600 X 850 X 600 MM

Samsung 11KG AI Control Front Load Washing Machine WW11CG604DLB

Original price was: KSh 142,990.00.Current price is: KSh 115,826.00.

Eco-conscious SmartThings AI Energy Mode!

This innovative feature puts you in control of your washer’s energy consumption. You can easily monitor your power usage in real-time and even get an estimate of what your electricity bill might be. But that’s not all! For compatible washing cycles, AI Energy Mode works its magic to intelligently reduce energy use by up to 70%. It achieves this by leveraging Ecobubble technology, which allows clothes to be cleaned effectively with cooler water and shorter cycles. So you get sparkling clean clothes while minimizing your environmental impact and saving money on your electricity bill. It’s a win-win for your wallet and the planet!

WW11CG604DLB & WW11CGC04DAB Price in Kenya

The Samsung 11KG AI Control Front Load Washing Machine WW11CG604DLB Price in Kenya is KSH 114,990 as from Housewife’s Paradise Store. However, the price ranges from dealer to dealer. The price range of the the WW11CG604DLB in Kenya is from KSH 114,990 to 142,990. Its counterpart, the Samsung 11KG Front Load Washing Machine WW11CGC04DAB price in Kenya is KSH 109,990 as from Housewife’s Paradise Store. Its price range is from KSH 109,990, to KSH 135,990.

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