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LG Dishwashers

LG DFB425FP QuadWash Steam Dishwasher 14 PS – Silver

Original price was: KShs 164,995.00.Current price is: KShs 134,995.00.

LG DFC532FP Dishwasher 14PS – Silver

Original price was: KShs 154,995.00.Current price is: KShs 128,995.00.

LG DFC612FV 14ppl TrueSteam Dishwasher, Silver

Original price was: KShs 139,995.00.Current price is: KShs 109,995.00.

LG dishwashers are known for their innovative features and reliable performance. With a variety of models to choose from, LG offers dishwashers that can accommodate different household sizes and needs. Whether you have a large family or live alone, there is a LG dishwasher that will suit your requirements.

One of the key features of LG dishwashers is their advanced cleaning technology. With powerful jets and multiple wash cycles, LG dishwashers can effectively remove tough stains and grime from your dishes. Additionally, LG dishwashers are designed to be energy efficient, helping you save on your utility bills while still getting sparkling clean dishes every time.

In terms of design, LG dishwashers are sleek and modern, making them a stylish addition to any kitchen. With intuitive controls and quiet operation, using a LG dishwasher is a hassle-free experience. Plus, with durable materials and a reputation for longevity, investing in a LG dishwasher is a smart choice for any household looking to simplify their dishwashing routine.